Encourage happiness in the workplace for a stronger team with our team building activities

Residential training programs are a great way to combine retreats and training needs. An extra day or two can be added to off-site training programs to save costs and lend a rejuvenating air to the proceedings. Call us for choosing venues or designing fun learning activities suited to your needs.

There are two ways to look at team building – an excuse to go on a company retreat for fun activities or dealing with real issues within the team to come back stronger. Fantastic Nepal does both of them with a bang!

We work with many venues in and around Kathmandu to host retreats and team building programs. We work with many freelance team building consultants with their own areas of expertise, and we have a few of our own customized games designed for different requirements.

Be it a fun retreat as a treat after a good year or addressing issues within the team for communication, cross cultural understanding, motivation, or any other specific subject require an intervention, Fantastic Nepal is your team builder of choice!

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