Fantastic Nepal DMC is a full-service Destination Management Company serving national and international event planners in Nepal. To ensure that you get the results you are looking for, we listen to you!! We understand your needs, and then work enthusiastically to shape your vision and manage your program’s successful execution.

We do all this with our professional team who are passionate about excellence, and who have the benefit of years of collective business resources.

Fantastic Nepal Holidays is committed to solving all your travel related logistic requirements for your office needs – be it transportation, conferences, hotels, ticketing or even guest entertainment.

Staff Retreats and Company Functions

Staff retreats can boost morale and team spirits, improving productivity and retention levels in any organization. We have unique ideas and different venues suited to various budgets to make your office event memorable.

Staff Training and Team Building Programs

Residential training programs are a great way to combine retreats and training needs. An extra day or two can be added to off-site training programs to save costs and lend a rejuvenating air to the proceedings. Call us for choosing venues or designing fun learning activities suited to your needs.

National and International Meetings, Workshops, Seminars & Conferences

Managing a high level meeting for a number of guests is definitely not child’s play. With our professional team of organizers, we are equipped with in depth knowledge and experience in arranging all aspects of your program to the tiniest details. We will take care of your accommodation, local and international transportation, venue and event logistics, translations and interpretation requirements, publicity and entertainment needs, so you can concentrate on your core event content in peace. Read more about our Meetings, Workshop & Conference services here.

Incentive Travel

Incentive Travel is a powerful motivator for employee satisfaction and retention. People everywhere respond to recognition and rewards with additional loyalty, increased motivation, and a willingness to improve performance. Try using this simple incentive to deserving candidates to give them some quality break, expand their horizons, or even scout for opportunities in new regions.

Logistic Support

If you have an in-house team in place to manage the bulk of your activities, and only need logistic support in a specific area, we can still help you out.

Hotel reservations? We can suggest the most suitable venue based on your needs.

Just transportation? We can arrange for airport pickups for all your guests, or have vehicles on standby as required.

Flights? A simple click, and we get better rates than online deals.