Fantastic Nepal DMC, is one of the prominent event management company in Nepal serving national and international organizations and event planners in executing specific events in Nepal. To ensure that you get the results you are looking for, we listen to you!! We understand your needs, and then work enthusiastically to shape your vision and manage your program’s successful execution.

Established in 2011, we have been event managers to the biggest organizations in Nepal and beyond. We attribute this success to our ability to understand client needs, our attention to detail, a careful selection of partners and vendors, and the unrelenting dedication and commitment of our team.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our organization, and we look forward to the opportunity to work with you in Nepal in the very near future.


We see Nepal as a blessed land. Our vision is to work continuously to introduce Nepal as the paradise it is to the rest of the world. We want to reposition Nepal, from being just a hippie haven or giant trekking trail, to a land with many different experiences suited to the discerning traveler – both business and pleasure. We want visitors willing to spend top price to consider Nepal as a destination for their leisure or business needs for the natural beauty as well as the professional service and infrastructure provided to them.
With this vision in mind, we aim to be one of the best event management company in Nepal and a prominent destination management service provider to the discerning client to provide them an unforgettable experience in this magical land.


To identify vendors who provide the same high standards of services we provide to our clients, and work relentlessly to maintain and improve those standards

To forge solid partnerships with all our vendors – hotels, transporters, trainers, and all other activity providers – to ensure best services and best value for our guests

To maintain our current 100% client satisfaction record such that they actively seek opportunities to work with us again

To encourage the personal and professional growth of all employees in the organization to create an environment of mutual respect, growth and development

To create and implement new and exciting products that constantly keep us in the forefront of our target customers’ minds


Safety and security of our guests is our primary concern. Safety equipment and emergency rescue evacuations is our primary concern for all trips and events

Always ask ourselves first: what extra can I provide to my guests?

We subscribe to the ‘leave no traces’ philosophy. In all our trips, we ensure that all outside waste materials are stored and safely transported back to designated dumping sites.

Listen to our clients’ requirements – very carefully – and provide them the experiences they are looking for.


Honesty and integrity above all else. We shall never speak untruths and promise what is undeliverable to our clients.

Create events & holidays with worthwhile experiences that clients perceive to be good value for money. Our clients should never feel they have been wrongfully overcharged.

Mutual growth for our partners. We expect quality, professionalism, and integrity from all our partners. In return, we aim to provide them with best remuneration, continued business, and build lasting professional and personal relationships. We want to see our partners grow into bigger shoes in the same manner we have envisioned for ourselves.

We are always learning. We never say we know enough.

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